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International Students


RSAF Student Information

The Flight School Inc. is one of the leading flight schools in America with Singaporean and Asian students flight training in the United States. Starting the process is not always so easy with other flight schools but when you come to the Flight School Inc. we have trained professionals that have been helping out since the 1980’s. Not sure how to start? Give our front desk a call at 770-513-0000 and they will be more than ready to answer any questions that you have.

Where You Part Of the Military?

Whether you are a pilot, air traffic controller, or a member of the Military, we have your needs covered. We grow with the demands of the Singaporean and Asian students that need to come here to complete their training while giving them a professional and fun learning environment. Our flight training program can help you get the requirements you need to get a CAAS conversion. Be apart of one of the industry’s fastest growing flight schools when it comes to helping international students obtain their dreams.

Flight Training:

Here at The Flight School of Inc., we have been an industry leader in the training of Singaporean and Military students from all over the world. With our abundance of Beechcraft Duchess’s that are ready to fly and brilliant flight instructors, you will have your licenses and education in no time. Our flight school is 141 approved, to help make your transition a lot faster and a lot easier on you. This means little to no downtime and you can have a fixed schedule of what you will need to do to graduate. Come find out or visit us online of what true flight training looks like at

TFS Welcomes International Students

The Flight School of Gwinnett is authorized under Student and Exchange Visitor Program to enroll international students by issuing the I-20 form, allowing students to apply for an M-1 student visa.


Please go through and follow the steps below in order to enroll at TFS. 

1. Contact Us

Helpful Links!

Please reach out to Tony Wang


Phone: (+1) 770-513-0000. Please ask to speak to Tony Wang

2. Complete Enrollment Forms

Complete the International Student Enrollment Form and click "Submit." Please Send Photo Copy of Passport.

3. Obtain Required Certificates

     (i)   FAA medical certificate. Visit

     (ii)  FAA student certificate. Visit

     (iii) Medical Certificate (minimum Second Class) appointment with a certified FAA Aviation Medical Examiner (AME). 

     (iv)  Transportation Security Administration (TSA) clearance via FTS. Visit

4. Provide Required Documents and Deposit To The Flight School

Once the form is submitted, the Flight School of Gwinnett will send you a confirmation email. Once you receive the confirmation email, provide the following to The Flight School: 

 (i)   Scanned copy of current Passport. 

 (ii)  Proof of financial support

 (iii) Proof of English language proficiency

 (iv)  Highest level of education and corresponding official transcript

 (v)  Tuition deposit of $2,500 USD ($1,500 document processing fee + $1,000 credit towards course price). 

Coordinate with Tony Wang directly for instructions. 

Wiring Instructions: Wire International Funds To: Name of Beneficiary: The Flight School of Gwinnett, Inc.

Name of Bank: Bank of America

Bank Address: 615 W Pike St, Lawrenceville, GA 30046 United States

Account Number: 334046912598

If your country requires a SWIFT CODE (Most Do) use this CODE: BOFAUS3N

Routing Number: 061000052 

5. Expect Form I-20 From The Flight School

Once all the required information above is received, The Flight School of Gwinnett will create a SEVIS record, form I-20. The I-20 will be sent to you via courier service to the address you provided in the Enrollment Form in Step 2. If any information is missing, the Flight School will contact you. Please ensure you are monitoring your email closely. 

6. Pay SEVIS I-901 Fee

Once you received the I-20 form, visit to pay the SEVIS I-901 fee (only for you, not for your dependents). 

7. Obtain M-1 Student Visa

In order to obtain your Student Visa, please visit to find a U.S. consulate and make an appointment.

On the day of your appointment, be sure to bring the following: 

     (i)  Original I-20 form, signed by a TFS official

     (ii) Proof of financial support

     (iii) Completed application form DS-160

     (iv) Passport that is valid for at least 6 months after expected arrival date to the U.S. 

     (v) Two photos that conform to the requirements outlined here

     (vi) SEVIS I-901 fee payment receipt

8. Travel To Atlanta, GA

When traveling to the U.S., be sure to bring the following: 

     (i)   I-20

     (ii) Passport + Student Visa
     (iii) Proof of financial support
     (iv) Your future U.S. address

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