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Certified Flight Instructor

Obtaining A Private Pilot's License

The demand for flight instructors has never been higher. At TFS, you will get a chance to hone your existing skills, and teach others to fly!


The training time required to obtain your instructor certificate largely depends on your experience and proficiency in a single engine complex aircraft. Since the CFI rating is a function of teaching skills, it is difficult to place an exact amount on the costs associated with the training. 


Generally speaking, an individual who has passed two required FAA written tests, can expect about 25 hours of ground instruction and about 15 hours of flight training in a Piper Arrow. 

Part 141 Requirements:

Instrument Flight Instructor

An applicant who holds a valid flight instructor certificate may add the instrument certificate at a minimal cost. As with the CFI certificate, experience and currency will determine the length and cost of the course. With the FAA written passed, expect about 10 hours in a Cessna 172, and about 15 hours of ground instruction. 

Part 61 Requirements:
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