* CHAPTER 30: or Montgomery GI BILL, Active Duty post 30 June 1985 (1 Jan. 1977 Spec)
* CHAPTER 32: or VEAP, Active Duty between 1 Jan. 1977 and 30 June 1985
* CHAPTER 1606 or Active Reserve and/or National Guard w/ six (6) year hitch 30 June 1985

Use your VA benefits to begin your professional flight training with THE FLIGHT SCHOOL of GWINNETT in Atlanta, Ga and never look back on finding a life long career.

Start with your PRIVATE PILOT certificate: either 40 hours (Part 61) or 35 hours (Part 141) of basic flying skill and the fundamentals of aviation that are the foundation of your further flying. This certificate is not covered under the VA, but is affordable (about $7,000) enough to self fund There are other student loans available through independent banks and financial institutions.

Once you have begun your Private and when you have secured your certificate, we will have arranged 100% of your funding for your next phase of training: INSTRUMENT RATING. Your instrument flying skills and proficiency are probably the most difficult and most important of all your flying skills you will learn and stayed honed during your career. It takes longer and is more intense than the Private and cost more: $9,996. (Breakdown of times available on request)

Next is your COMMERCIAL PILOT certificate or your professional pilot course . The flying proficiency and experience needed to carry passengers for hire requires hours of practice on complex maneuvers and complete competency of aircraft systems and of airspace knowledge. This certificate also allows the pilot to work on his/her Flight Instructors ratings where you can teach at a flight school and gain valuable experience while earning an income and continue working on future certificates and ratings. Due to the extensive flying, the cost is: $24,164

As you are working on your Instrument and Commercial, you will be gaining interest in the next course- the MULTI-ENGINE AIRPLANE. When you complete this course you will be closer to your ultimate goal of flying the "big iron". Whether it's flying corporate turbo-props, jets, or with the airlines, you must have the multi-engine commercial to reach the ultimate goal. We are ready to get you there for: $13,520.


Contact your friendly VA office for your benefit status: 800.827.1000, or or if you need a "Change of Place Training" VA FORM DD22-1995 or on 1) If you are still active and are separating: get a DD1990 signed by your CO 2) Already out: DD214 3) Reservist: DD2384. These forms will need to be submitted to the Flight School representative and we will complete the VA Enrollment Form DD22-1999. This may take as much as six to eight weeks.

THE FLIGHT SCHOOL OF GWINNETT is an FAA approved Part 141 Professional Pilot Course Identifier: UAOS2O5K. All submissions should use the Part 141 school information for funding .

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