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Add New Skills With An Instrument Rating

Learning to fly by reference to instruments can be challenging and must be approached in a professional, organized method. Our experienced instructors and approved curriculum can guide you through the Instrument Rating in minimum time with maximum proficiency.

While much of the training is done in VMC (Visual Meteorological Conditions) with the student wearing a view limiting device, our experienced instructors at The Flight School of Gwinnett will strive to get as much training done in adverse weather, adding real life conditions to each lesson.

For a full-time trainee, this 35hr course could be completed in as little as 10 days, and being a Part 141 approved course, you can qualify for the rating without the usual 50 hours of cross country time required in Part 61 schools. That alone can save you thousands! Call us now for more information on how you can add an Instrument Rating!

The Instrument Rating will prepare you to navigate and communicate proficiently through the airspace system in clouds and weather that would keep VFR pilots grounded.