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The U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requires that as a prerequisite to flight training, non-US citizens must provide fingerprints, biographical information, including full name, passport and visa information and training specifics prior to beginning flight training.  Training can only commence following approval of your application, completion of fingerprinting (can be done on your arrival) and a payment of $130 to AFSP. You can complete this "background check" from our country. Students enrolling in flight training with The Flight School of Gwinnett can expect a minimum of 7 days to complete the TSA approval process. All training will be done in category 3 airplanes.

You must email us when you submit your AFSP application for approval. AFSP will contact us and ask if this is a legitimate application.

Non citizens, including green card holders who live in this area should contact or call 
404-954-0759 to find the nearest location for fingerprinting location.

Below, we have provided some helpful instructions to complete the application process:

 1.    Visit the TSA website at
 2.    In the top right of the screen click on Create New Student Account
 3.    Fill out and submit the brief application to create a new account.  The TSA will then provide you with a user ID and a password (sent to                 your personal e-mail address).

 4.   Return to the website and enter your user ID and Password.  Complete the AFSP Foreign Student Application. (9-10 pages).
          A.  Course ID#: Private Pilot (PVT101), Instrument Rating (IFR201) Multi-Engine Rating Add-On (MEA401).
          B.  Class Name:  Choose your course from the pull-down list.  Private Pilot is listed as Initial. 

                Applications are not required for Commercial Single-Engine or ATP.
          C.  Aircraft Type:  Private Pilot and Instrument Rating:  Cessna 172 or 152.  Multi-Engine: Beechcraft Duchess BE76.

          D.  Estimated Start Date:  Enter a start and end date that approximates when you want to commence
               training and complete training.  This can be an estimate, however; you will not be able to start
               before the commencement date.  The TSA will automatically allow you to attend training for one
               full year in any course (not longer). 
 5.   Once you have completed and submitted this application, the TSA will request that The Flight School
       Of Gwinnett validates you as a potential student.  We will do so for those individuals who have
       previously attended a flight training consultation (in person or by telephone).
 6.   The TSA will then send you instructions for the fingerprinting process.  You will need to complete
       the fingerprinting process and submit a $130 security threat assessment fee.  Fingerprinting can be done after your arrival.

 7.  Once the TSA has acknowledged receipt of the required documentation and fees, The Flight School of Gwinnett will be sent (via e-mail) a           final document approving the student to begin training.
Following completion of the above steps, The Flight School of Gwinnett will contact you to set up the enrollment appointment and you will be eligible to begin flight training.
Please contact us by phone or e-mail if we may assist you in any way during this process.  You may also contact AFSP help Desk at           (703) 542-1222 or  They are very helpful and respond quickly to questions.

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