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Since there have been a few changes to the ATP process we have two different options.  This page has information that is valid if you completed your ATP written before July 31st, 2014.

This timeline is based upon the assumption that you are instrument proficient and have current knowledge of FAA instrument procedures.  During both the Instrument and ATP check rides you will hand fly the aircraft in a single-pilot environment using standard analog gauges and the Garmin GNS 430 GPS system.

Click Here for the GNS430 Simulator

In order to make your time the most productive, we ask that you properly prepare for the written exams that are required for each check ride. You will have to complete a written exam for each of the Private, Instrument, Commercial, and ATP check rides.

Click below for ACS and PTS Standards:





Please also be familiar with the requirements published in the FAA Airman Certification Standards or the Practical Test Standards for each rating.  Your training will be complete and you will be ready for the check rides when you are able to meet all of the standards published by the FAA for each test.

Time Requirements:
1500 hours of Total Time
500 hours of Cross Country
100 hours of Night
75 hours of Instrument
250 hours of Flight Time in an Airplane, which 100 must be Cross Country and 25 of Night.
50 hours of Multi-Engine

The NEW ATP Process: Training will be provided by Flight Safety International and will require an additional 8 days:
Once you have completed your training through your commercial we will coordinate with Flight Safety International for you to complete the following required items:

1.) The 36 hours of ATP ground courses (5 days).

2.) 12 hours of Category D Sim time.  The sim will be the CRJ-200 and it will take 3 days to complete.

3.) The ATP written will still require you to study the materials of Gliem.  Once the new ATP written is released this material will be covered in the ground portion with Flight Safety.  The Flight School of Gwinnett will provide these study materials upon request.

*Please note, you will not be receiving a type rating in the CRJ-200 with this program

Written Completed Before 7/31/2014

faa part 141 approved!

Welcome to the Singapore ATP Information Page. We at The Flight School of Gwinnett have considerable experience with assisting similarly situated pilots obtain ATP certificates. In most cases, certificates are in-hand 14 – 20 days following your arrival at The Flight School.  

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Written Completed AFTER 7/31/2014